About RHC Components

Our reputation is based on YOUR success. With thousands of happy clients who trust us as their first and last resource for electronic components, we put our name on the line with every order.

We have developed premium relationships with hundreds of suppliers to ensure that our clients receive the best rates and fastest turnaround on their orders. The commitment we make to both quality of products and quality of service, has established us as a leading supplier in the industry.

Founded in 1999, RHC Components has leveraged 20 years of experience as a leading supplier of electronic parts around the world. With clients on 4 continents and a solid network of suppliers, we leverage our experience and industry connections to deliver world-class service for our clients.

With thousands of orders successfully processed for hundreds of customers on 4 continents, we have grown our business without sacrificing quality of service or reliability of products. Even if you're a small OEM/Manufacturer, we treat every order with the same high level of attention to detail throughout the order fulfillment process.

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